Photograph supplied by JDC West Team Sasky 2020

Edwards student groups focus on charity initiatives

Breanna Pochipinski

The Edwards School of Business has many different student groups. Two of the largest groups within the college, the Edwards Business Students’ Society (EBSS) and JDC West Team Sasky incorporate charity initiatives within their groups every year.

The EBSS has a portfolio that purely focuses on charity initiatives. The portfolio consists of a team that plans events and volunteer opportunities for students throughout the academic year.

Since September, the EBSS has put on a variety of volunteer opportunities and events. They partnered with Habitat for Humanity and organized volunteers from Edwards to attend build times. In September, they hosted an online music festival called the “Live Artist Raise-A-Thon” where local bands from Saskatchewan and a few current Edwards Students shared their musical talents during an evening. On October 8th, the EBSS hosted their annual Edwards Business Formal where the charity portfolio puts together a raffle where all of the proceeds go towards a local charity. This year the charity was the Saskatoon Lighthouse. 

“We are an ambitious team with a goal to help the community as a whole,” said Abdu Etagiuri, EBSS Charity Director of Events. “We are trying to make our community (of Saskatoon) a little better while also representing our college.”

In the upcoming months, the EBSS is planning on putting on more events to support the Saskatoon Friendship Inn. In the next few months the EBSS will be putting together a blood drive in Saskatoon. Check out the Edwardsbss website and the EbssGivesBack charity page for more information on how you can contribute to the EBSS charity campaigns.

JDC West Team Sasky is the Edwards School of Business team that participates at the JDC West Competition each year. As a part of the competition, teams are required to partake in a certain amount of volunteer hours, as well as raise as much funds for a chosen charity as possible. This year Team Sasky partnered with the Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, the Saskatoon Food Bank, and Parkinson’s Canada. The group’s main monetary partnered charity for the 2021 competition year is the Saskatoon Friendship Inn. 

Team Sasky has already completed many projects this year, such as helping with the Ronald Mcdonald Radio Blitz and Habitat for Humanity Thrift ReStore Location. To help relieve some of the strains Covid-19 has put on the community, the team hosted events such as food drives around the city, raking leaves for neighbours, and a charity raffle basket with proceeds going towards the Saskatoon Friendship Inn. In the next few months, Team Sasky will host more projects such as Chillin’ for Charity, virtual craft nights with children, and newsletter stuffing.

Team Sasky is also partnering with SARCAN this year to allow the public to donate cans towards the JDC West Team Sasky charity goal. To learn more about how to donate to Team Sasky’s charity campaigns check out their Instagram page.

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