Edwards Bachelor of Commerce supply chain management grads can fast track supply chain management professional designation

Natasha Katchuk

We are pleased to announce that Supply Chain Canada and the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan have formalized an accreditation agreement that will provide advanced standing in Supply Chain Canada’s Supply Chain Management Professional™ (SCMP™) Designation Program for graduates of the Edwards School of Business Bachelor of Commerce Supply Chain Management major.

The SCMP designation is Canada’s most sought-after professional designation for those entering or currently working in the supply chain profession.

“The Supply Chain Management Professional Designation represents a commitment to a national standard of excellence,” said Dean Dr. Keith Willoughby (PhD). “Advanced standing towards the SCMP designation signals to potential students, employers, and the marketplace that the Edwards School of Business curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is well-suited to preparing students to sit for the SCMP examinations. Our partnership with Supply Chain Canada demonstrates that Edwards is committed to developing business professionals to build nations.”

The agreement between the Edwards School of Business and Supply Chain Canada will provide an efficient path for graduates of the program, who achieve a grade of 70% or higher completed within the last five years, to advanced standing towards the following SCMP academic program components:

• Module 1: Supply Chain Management
• Module 2: Procurement and Supply Management
• Module 3: Logistics and Transportation
• Module 4: Operations and Process Management
• Module 5: Knowledge Management
• Module 6: Global Sourcing
• Module 8: Supply Chain Management for Services, Capital Goods and Major Projects
• Interactive Workshop 3: Communication and Relational Skills
• Interactive Workshop 5: Risk Management
• Interactive Workshop 6: Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility

To obtain the designation, graduates complete the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application and pay a non-refundable application fee. Once notified of their advanced standing, graduates can then apply for admission into the SCMP™ designation program, complete any remaining required coursework, attend the SCMP Leadership Residency, and write the SCMP National Exam.

“Supply Chain Canada, Saskatchewan Institute values our long-standing relationship with the Edwards School of Business and is excited to enter into this new agreement to further support students in pursuing a successful career in supply chain management,” explained Nicole Burgess, CEO of Supply Chain Canada, Saskatchewan Institute.

“This agreement will help streamline and expedite the process for students looking to obtain their SCMP designation post-graduation, providing them with immediate recognition of their prior learning and access to the post-nominal pre-designation SCMP (candidate)™. In addition to providing increased employment and advancement opportunities, the SCMP designation also provides increased earning potential, with designates earning on average 22% more on than their non-SCMP counterparts based on our recently released 2021 Canadian Supply Chain Salary Report.”

Learn more about the SCMP™ designation and Supply Chain Canada’s RPL process at https://www.supplychaincanada.com/education-and-training/pathways-to-scmp-designation.

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