Edwards Partnership Gala celebrates experiential learning

The Edwards Partnership Gala filled the gallery room at TCU Place on April 9th, 2015. The event—spearheaded by professors Vince Bruni-Bossio and Chelsea Willness—showcased achievements from two innovative experiential courses at the Edwards School of Business: the Governance & Leadership Development Practicum (COMM 498) and the Management Consulting Project Course (COMM 448). The Gala was attended by current and prospective community partners, clients, board mentors, students, and other special guests.

The event was organized by a sub-committee of student representatives from each course, and sponsored jointly by the Management Students’ Association and an experiential learning grant from the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness.

Students spoke to the audience about their experiences in each course, focusing in particular on the value for their professional and personal development. Vince and Chelsea acknowledged the numerous people who contributed to the success of the courses, including the clients of the consulting projects in COMM 448, and the mentors from nonprofit boards who partnered with the governance students in COMM 498.

One highlight of the evening was revealing the winners of the MSA Scholarships for best consulting project in COMM 448. This year, four scholarships were awarded (presented by Dean Daphne Taras), with the top prize going to the team of Lindsay Wileniec (Finance) and Cole Grove (Marketing) who completed their project with SREDA.

“As a student in both the Governance & Leadership Development Practicum and Management Consulting Project Course this year,” said Wileniec, “I can speak to how enriching both of these academic experiences have been. Experiential learning allows students to apply what we have learned and also presents the opportunity for exceptional professional development, through client/board interaction and the independent completion of deliverables. Chelsea and Vince served not only as instructors, but also incredible mentors throughout this year. These courses have been the highlight of my time at Edwards School of Business and I would highly recommend them to any interested students!”

More information about either course can be found at:

 https://www.facebook.com/EdwardsMSA                https://www.facebook.com/EdwardsGLDP

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