2015 Marketing and Management Honours Students

On April 10 the Management & Marketing honours students presented their undergraduate thesis research to Edwards faculty and staff.


In addition to a traditional presentation, the students also created an academic poster to showcase the findings of their research. These posters will be on display throughout the coming year in the display case outside of room 103 in the Edwards School of Business. Working with a faculty member, each honours student developed an original research project based on an extensive literature review, collected and analyzed data, and then discussed the theoretical and managerial implications of their findings.

The honours students for the 2014 -15 academic year were: Abbey Stang (“Transparency in the Non-profit Sector”), Ken Pillipow (“SME’s Offshoring Processes”), Mark Nisbet (“Copycatting in Advertising”), Spencer Groth (“The Application of Metaphor in the Marketing of Crop Science”), and Trianna Palidwor (“How Donation Form, Proceeds Information and Social Presence Affect Likelihood to Buy Cause-Related Marketing Products”). Supervisors were Maureen Bourassa, William Murphy, Barbara Phillips, Marjorie Delbaere, and Monica Popa. 

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