2016 Leadership Conference

The Edwards School of Business was pleased to host the 2016 Leadership Conference on Wednesday, March 16th. This was the eighth offering since its inception in 2002, and the second offering hosted by the Edwards School of Business. The conference featured many dynamic speakers and accomplished leaders who spoke to the theme of Building a Culture of Resilience.

The 2016 Leadership Conference featured:

  • Deri Latimer, Director of Positivity Speaking and TEDx speaker. Deri brought excitement and action as she spoke to the topic of personal resilience in a manner that was eye opening, easy to follow, and life changing.
  • Billy Strean, Professor at the University of Alberta. With a contagious energy, Billy laid out action-oriented strategies to help those in attendance bring attention to the importance of fostering human connection and awareness to themselves using the ALIVE model.
  • An Interactive Panel, featuring Marvin Romanow (Executive in Residence at the Edwards School of Business), John Lagimodiere (President of ACS Aboriginal Consulting Services), and Chelsea Willness (Assistant Professor and Grandey Scholar in Sustainable Leadership at the Edwards School of Business). The panel discussed building organizational resiliency from each of their unique standpoints and experiences.

The conference also featured the Spring Forward! Grandey Leadership Luncheon for the second year in a row. The Edwards School of Business proudly announced Murad Al-Katib as the fourth annual Grandey Leadership Honouree. Murad Al-Katib is an entrepreneur who built his own company (AGT Food and Ingredients Inc.) from the ground up to become one of the largest lentil exporters in the world. He provided practical tips from his experiences as an entrepreneur and inspired all those in attendance.

Thank you to all of the people and organizations who contributed to making this event possible, including:

  • Our sponsors and donors
  • The Grandey Leadership Initiative and Committee
  • The Saskatchewan community
  • Our countless volunteers

The time and commitment generously given by these groups helped to make the 2016 Leadership Conference: Building a Culture of Resilience a success! 

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