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Introduction & Background

“This series is relevant to any workplace. It is exactly what I was looking for.” - Pat Galeschuk, Ministry of Agriculture

Engagement is an employee’s commitment to an organization and willingness to put forth extra effort. It is a critical factor in workplace cultures – one that fosters sustainability and success.   

The single strongest driver of engagement is whether employees feel managers are genuinely committed to their wellbeing.

As a leader, your challenge is to be as focused on the wellbeing of those you lead as you are on productivity, innovation, service, markets and profits. If you aren’t, your results will suffer and so will your people.

People thrive when they know they matter. But they won’t feel that way if they are:

  • Disheartened – wondering if they’re valued and whether their presence makes a difference
  • Exhausted – struggling under unrealistic expectations and overwhelming workloads
  • Disconnected – detached from purpose and passion, learning little, and cruising on autopilot

When it comes to engagement, successful leaders model the way by paying close attention to their own enthusiasm, energy and passion. Leaders who master these elements of engagement for themselves become credible resources in coaching and mentoring others.

This three part series is designed to help you strengthen your own abilities to fuel enthusiasm, boost energy and inspire passion in yourself and in the people in your organization.

Each half-day session is a stand-alone unit. However, for deeper learning and greater impact, we suggest registering for all three programs in the series.

  • Part 1: Fueling Enthusiasm - Building A Culture Of Appreciation

    January 18, 2018; 8:30 am - 12:00 PM with lunch to follow

    Research confirms that as many as 64% of employees leave their jobs because they don’t feel valued. Could any of these people be colleagues or employees of yours?

    Appreciation strengthens relationships, sustains organizations, and maintains the loyalty of employees and clients alike.

    Recognition and celebration are more than just the icing on the cake. When encouragement flows freely, relationships flourish, and results follow.

    Building and sustaining an appreciative, purposeful workplace impacts engagement, wellness and productivity in positive and enduring ways.

    Key Learning Objectives

    You will leave this program with:

    • An understanding of the business case for investing time and energy in appreciative practices
    • Strategies for developing an appreciative mindset culture
    • Cues that signal an opportunity to express appreciation
    • Practices that build confidence and capability in appreciative expression and avoid hazardous pitfalls
    • Tools and techniques for extending appreciation in genuine and meaningful ways
    • A three point guide to strengthening the impact of appreciative comments
    • Approaches to celebrating your own success that strengthen your commitment as a positive force in the lives of others

    Publications Included:

    In addition to a customized learning guide, participants in this program will take away a copy of this publication:

    • Take A Bow – 67 Ways To Pause For Applause, Celebrate Your Success & Keep Your Spirits High
  • Part 2: Boosting Energy - Taking A Break To Get A Grip
    “This course really brings forth the often excluded but very necessary tools and ideas you need to build a better workplace and find work-life balance.” - Heather Neufeld, University of Saskatchewan

    February 15, 2018; 8:30 am - 12:00 PM with lunch to follow

    You can build capacity, minimize stress, boost energy and enhance performance by mastering the art of renewal in work and life.

    Today’s super-sized demands and supersonic pace take a heavy toll. Overloading drains energy, saps productivity, cripples capacity, and poisons relationships. 

    Fatigued and disengaged employees erode an organization’s bottom line while breaking the spirits of colleagues in the process. The Canadian HR Centre estimates this costs the North American economy more than $350 billion annually in lost productivity alone.

    Strike the right balance and you reduce the impact of overload and overwhelm while increasing productivity and engagement. Rightloading™ engages minds, encourages hearts, energizes bodies, and builds spirit.

     Lead the way in your organization. Balance that relentless press for performance with strategic pauses for renewal. Make smarter choices about how you and your people carry and control the load.

    Key Learning Objectives

    These essentials will be covered in detail during the program:

    • The Business Case For Renewal – why it matters and how rightloading is a shared responsibility
    • Rebalancing The Load  - re-energize by partnering strategic pauses with consistent investments in the key arenas of renewal
    • Resetting The Load  – create more manageable expectations by getting real about capacity, sharing and delegating work with respect, cultivating the progress principle, taming technology, and springing the acceleration trap that keeps everyone spinning.

    Publications Included: 

    In addition to a customized learning guide, participants in this program will take away copies of these publications:

    • Press Pause…Press On – Bringing Balance & Perspective To Work & Life
    • Take A Break – 67 Ways To Pause When You Absolutely Positively Do Not Have The Time
  • Part 3: Tapping Passion - Moving Beyond Mid-Life Malaise
    “Very useful and thought provoking.” - Kristin Anderson, Ministry of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety

    March 15, 2018; 8:30 am - 12:00 PM with lunch to follow

    Rusting out can be every bit as problematic as burning out. Yet neither state is inevitable. How people deal with malaise will determine whether the next few years of their careers and their lives will be miserable, manageable, or memorable.

    Stress, overload and burnout in the workplace are well-researched phenomena that receive a lot of attention. Not so with the challenge of malaise which is the unfocused feeling of discomfort or uneasiness whose exact cause may be difficult to identify. Suffers feel blah, stale and uninspired, like they are rusting out: under-challenged or under-engaged.

    Although commonly experienced in mid to late career, malaise can and does strike at any stage. Malaise has a serious impact on organizational climate and productivity as well as individual satisfaction and engagement.

    Based on her recent original research on malaise, Patricia Katz shares insights and strategies to help you recognize and address the issue in yourself and in your organization.

    Instead of viewing malaise as something to tolerate, avoid or eliminate, Katz proposes it be embraced as a catalyst for change.

    Key Learning Objectives

    You will leave this program with:

    • knowledge of the signs and symptoms of malaise
    • deeper insight about the impact of individual and group malaise on organizational climate and employee engagement
    • reframing of malaise as a natural and helpful element in the cycle of growth and development
    • three-step process and tools to guide yourself and others through malaise to what comes next - in reasonable time with less angst and fewer lost opportunities

    Publications Included: 

    In addition to a customized learning guide, participants in this program will take away a copy of this publication:

    • Press Pause…Think Again – More Balance & Perspective For Work & Life
  • Who Should Attend?

    Being a positive presence in the lives of others and actively expressing appreciation is an opportunity for every individual in the workplace from the frontline employee to the CEO.

    This program is for you, if you want to strengthen appreciative skills (in yourself and others) and are concerned about issues like: encouragement, appreciation, recognition, celebration, workplace culture, purpose, meaning, retention, and motivation.


Program Fees

$350 each or $900 for series plus GST

Includes course tuition, all teaching materials, meals and refreshments.

Registration Deadline

To Be Announced

Course Planner

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Bobbi Spicer

Program Coordinator


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Instructor Profile


Pat Katz, MC.Ed, CPHR

In over thirty years as a speaker and consultant, Patricia Katz of Optimus Consulting has inspired tens of thousands of people to accomplish what matters most in ways that bring more peace of mind. By reducing the impact of overload and overwhelm in the workplace, Pat helps organizations and their leaders create a more satisfying work and life experience for all. Clients call on her to help them boost energy, fuel enthusiasm and inspire insight.

She is the bestselling author of six books, who also writes Pause, a popular online newsletter. Pat is a Certified Human Resource Professional, who holds a Masters in Continuing Education, and is an inductee of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.


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